HEAVENLY SLEEP - such a wonderful feeling. Snuggle down under heavenly bedclothes, fall asleep blissfully and wake up the following morning refreshed. As you sleep you enjoy being not too warm nor two cold and you know your body has been treated to the unique experience provided by the best of bedclothes.
For more than seven decades we have been developing duvets and pillows of the highest quality to satisfy this dream. "Made in Bavaria". Böhmerwald Betten always strives to improve the quality of its collection. It designs and creates duvet collections for the highest of demands by using state of the art technologies in association with traditional professional skills.

Our knowledge of modern sleep research, sleeping climates and the properties of thermal insulating effects all build the basis for the development of new products.

BÖHMERWALD. Your sleep is of importance to us.


BÖHMERWALD does not process feathers or down obtained by live plucking.
We support long-term transparency and uninterrupted documentation of our supply chain which is certified by the neutral testing institute IDFL.

We only cooperate with suppliers who have signed our supplier agreements and practice species appropriate livestock management.